What Is Moissanite?

Moissanite was first discovered while looking at rock samples from a meteor crater in 1893. The man who discovered it was a french chemist named Henri Moissan.
Henry moissan discovered moissanite
Henry Moissan
Moissanite was promptly named after Moissan himself. At first he thought the stones were diamonds, due to their similarity. After some testing he found that the crystals were silicon carbide. This beautiful discovery from a meteorite is why people say moissanite was born from the stars. However, it turns out moissanite isn't just out among the cosmos, it is also found inside certain rocks on earth. Discoveries showed that it very, very rarely occurs naturally, more rarely than diamonds.
What is natural moissanite
Natural Moissanite
In fact, it was questioned as late as 1986 whether it actually occurred in nature or not. Not only is it amazing to own a gem that most likely came from outer space, but they originated outside our solar system. Recent studies of moissanite has shown anomalous isotopic rations of carbon and silicon, 99% of these grains originate around asymptotic giant branch stars (cool luminous stars late in their life). Because of this, when many see moissanite, they see the essence and beauty of a dying star far away, captured in a stone. The love for moissanite jewelry started to arrive in 1998 in which it was regarded as the best diamond alternative. People loved the fact that it was affordable, ethically mined, and just as beautiful as traditional diamonds. Some say it's even more brilliant than traditional diamonds. This is because moissanite scores higher on the refractive index, meaning more of the "sparkle effect". Moissanite is also a 9.5 on the mohs scale of mineral hardness with a diamond being a 10.
What is moissanite compared to diamonds
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