Why Choose Moissanite?

Discover the magic of moissanite—a gem born from the stars and found in meteorites. It's a true marvel, ranking at 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, just shy of a diamond's perfect 10. But here's the kicker: moissanite outshines diamonds in both fire and brilliance, boasting an even higher refractive index that delivers a jaw-dropping wow factor. It's no surprise why savvy shoppers are trading in diamonds for moissanite rings and jewelry. Experience the brilliance without breaking the bank!

Our Store History

Based in the USA

Diamonds are a scam. Unlike other moissanite companies that mark up prices by over 500%, we believe in offering the same stunning moissanite jewelry at a fair, budget-friendly cost. We're committed to revolutionizing the market and making quality moissanite jewelry accessible to everyone."

Our Moissanite History

moissanite stones from asia

We prioritize high quality, proudly based in the USA, while seamlessly integrating the cost-effectiveness and allure of gems sourced from Asia. Our expertise lies in meticulously selecting the finest, ethically sourced moissanite diamonds from exotic locations, delivering a fusion of the best in gem craftsmanship from both worlds.