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Luxus moissanite was started in the United States. However, we quickly realized a large demand for moissanite jewelry coming from Canada, especially Toronto and Vancouver. We love to see orders come in from Canada because the stereotype is true, they are some of the loveliest people to do business with!

Whether it's a custom ring or just answering questions, they're a pleasure to talk to. Because of this, we've taken measures to make sure that we can ship there as quickly as possible. Also, we cover all shipping costs and the tax for your item, including the duties tax. So yes, if you live in Canada and start to checkout you'll notice free shipping and no added tax to your final checkout price. When you get your duties fee, simply let us know what it cost and we will reimburse you immediately for the same dollar amount!

Also, you can change the currency from USD to CAD using the dropdown in the top right hand corner if you're on desktop or at the bottom of the menu if you're on mobile.

We've paid a lot of attention to what our friends from Canada order and try to adjust our inventory around what products are popular there.

Let Luxus Moissanite Jewelry prove why we should be your go to moissanite store.

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Amazing selection, absolutely stunning settings. Quality workmanship. Stones are high quality and offer many different cuts with cushion and octagon cuts being my favorite!

Marlene Bulmer January 29, 2022

Hi, I would like to purchase platinum plated silver ring from your website, I am sending this message to ask how thickness of the platinum plated surface, because I bought one Moissanite ring before from another website, the surface color faded very quickly. I would like to compare the products and make a decision later after I get your reply from your website. Thanks and look forward to your reply ASAP.

Kathy January 29, 2022

I am trying to find this ring in moisinite and white gold. Size 8.5 middle stone approximately 3carat…
Thank you, Adriane

Adriane Gurtner January 29, 2022

Does your company not offer a channel setting for a full eternity ring? Looking for 2ctw; but channel setting.

Shirley Marie Estella Cornish January 29, 2022

I am interested in one of your 14 ctw solitaires which seems to be available in only 1ctw. I am wondering if this same ring could be available in a 1.5ctw and the sizing is not an issue as I am about a 4.75 and my jeweler can adjust it if further down.

Shirley Marie Cornish January 29, 2022

It’s a great source of knowledge; I think it will be helpful for lot of people who are looking for moissanite canada . Thank you very much for sharing this article, this is really helpful for me, thanks again!I found this Having loads of data, if possible do have a look.

Custom Diamond Engagement Ring January 29, 2022

I would like to purchase one of your rings and wondering the process

Cecelia Calladine December 29, 2020

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