Moissanite Meaning

Moissanite diamonds have many meanings. We will cover them all in a quick and easy way! According to gemstone dictionary, moissanite is know to bring luck into people's lives, awake hidden potential, and push people to finish their goals. Perhaps the brilliant stone (which sparkles more than natural diamonds) gives people confidence to do all the above. 

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The moissanite name comes from the man that discovered it in 1893, a Frenchman and Nobel Peace Price winner Henri Moissan (shown below).

Henry moissan and moissanite meaning

Not only is moissanite extremely rare to find in nature (more rare than traditional diamonds) but the first moissanite was discovered in meteors. Because of these extraterrestrial origins, many people see it as a better connection to the rest of the universe. A gem born from the starts that found it's way to earth. 

moissanite meaning picture

Picture of natural moissanite.

Everyone gets something different out of the stones. What will moissanite do for you? What will your moissanite story be?

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I have yet to compare moissanite to diamonds, but they are beautiful.

Sandra Dorsey January 29, 2022

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