How Long Does Moissanite Last? The Eternal Brilliance Unveiled

The Enduring Appeal of Moissanite

When choosing a gemstone that is forever as captivating as the day you first lay your eyes on it, moissanite takes a stellar position. Its durability and brilliance are simply unmatched. But just how long does moissanite last? This comprehensive guide reveals all.

Understanding Moissanite

The Celestial Genesis

A gem born from the stars, moissanite traces its origins to meteorites. Discovered by Henri Moissan, this gem dazzles with an ethereal charm, courtesy of its silicon carbide composition.

Moissanite Vs Diamond: The Similarity and Distinctiveness

Although moissanite and diamonds may look similar to the untrained eye, they boast unique characteristics. Moissanite outshines diamonds in terms of fire, while diamonds lead in terms of hardness.

The Longevity of Moissanite

A Sturdy Star

Moissanite's strength is one of its greatest assets. With a score of 9.25 on the Mohs hardness scale, it resists scratches and abrasions, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Maintaining the Sparkle

While some gems can lose their lustre over time, moissanite retains its brilliance and fire indefinitely. Regular cleaning helps it maintain its sparkle.

Factors That Influence Moissanite's Longevity

The Quality of Craftsmanship

The durability of the gem's setting can influence how long a moissanite gem lasts. Expert craftsmanship guarantees a secure setting, enhancing its lifespan.

Care and Maintenance

While moissanite is robust, treating it with care ensures its longevity. Avoid harsh chemicals and extreme heat when cleaning.

Frequency of Wear

Frequently worn moissanite jewelry may accumulate dirt, impacting its sparkle. However, this can be quickly resolved with gentle cleaning.

The Eternal Allure of Moissanite: Case Studies

Here are a couple of real-life examples:

"I've had my moissanite engagement ring for 20 years, and it still sparkles like the day I got it." - Maria P.

"My grandmother's moissanite earrings, now in my possession, shine with the same allure they did when she first wore them." - Laura S.

Caring for Your Moissanite Jewelry

Home Cleaning

A mixture of mild dish soap and warm water can effectively clean your moissanite jewelry. Use a soft brush to remove any accumulated dirt.

Professional Cleaning

We recommend an annual professional cleaning to maintain the lustrous sparkle of your moissanite.


The question, "how long does moissanite last?" finds its answer in the gem's exceptional durability and brilliance that last a lifetime and beyond. Its unmatched fire, coupled with a robust hardness rating, promises eternal sparkle. By investing in expert craftsmanship and ensuring careful maintenance, your moissanite will continue to dazzle for generations.


  1. Can moissanite crack or chip?

    • While extremely durable, moissanite isn't indestructible. However, it's highly unlikely to chip or crack with regular wear.
  2. Is moissanite suitable for daily wear?

    • Yes, its high hardness rating makes moissanite ideal for daily wear.
  3. Does moissanite lose its fire over time?

    • No, moissanite retains its fire and brilliance for a lifetime.
  4. How often should moissanite jewelry be cleaned?

    • For frequently worn items, a weekly or bi-weekly home cleaning is recommended.
  5. Is it necessary to have moissanite jewelry professionally cleaned?

    • While not necessary, an annual professional cleaning can maintain its sparkling best.


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