How Does Moissanite Handle Wear and Tear Over Time?

The Gem of Resilience

For those seeking an alternative to diamonds without compromising on resilience, moissanite stands as a formidable contender. Its rising popularity demands an assessment of its performance against the inevitable test of time. How exactly does moissanite fare when subjected to the everyday wear and tear?

The Foundations: Moissanite's Inherent Qualities

Moissanite, or silicon carbide, was first discovered in meteorites. This cosmic origin speaks volumes about its toughness. With a Mohs hardness scale rating of 9.25, it's only a hairline away from diamonds, which boasts a perfect 10.

Everyday Encounters: Scratches, Scuffs, and Moissanite

Whether it's inadvertently knocking against a table edge or routine house chores, jewelry is exposed to numerous hazards. Thankfully, moissanite's robust nature means that it's resistant to scratches and scuffs, maintaining its luster and ensuring minimal visits to the jeweler for professional cleanings.

Extended Exposure: Moissanite and Environmental Elements

From chlorinated pools to the sun's ultraviolet rays, environmental factors are a silent adversary to many gemstones. However, moissanite's chemical makeup ensures that prolonged exposure to these elements doesn't dull its sparkle or cause it to discolor over time.

Maintenance and Upkeep: Keeping the Shine Alive

Though moissanite is durable, periodic maintenance amplifies its shine. A simple mix of mild dish soap and water, paired with a soft brush, is all it takes to restore its brilliance. Harsher chemicals, which might be a no-go for other stones, pose no threat to moissanite.

Comparative Analysis: Moissanite vs. Other Gemstones

While diamonds, sapphires, and rubies have their unique attributes, moissanite's affordability combined with its durability makes it an appealing choice. Especially when considering the long haul, moissanite's ability to withstand daily rigors stands on par, if not above, many of its contemporaries.

A Look at the Future: Moissanite's Longevity

The future seems bright for moissanite owners. With minimal care and its inherent robustness, this gemstone promises to be a companion that lasts lifetimes, potentially becoming a cherished heirloom passed down generations.

Testimonials and Real-Life Experiences

Across the globe, numerous individuals have chosen moissanite for engagement rings, earrings, and other jewelry. The consensus? Overwhelming satisfaction with its ability to retain beauty and integrity through life's many adventures.

In Conclusion

Moissanite's allure isn't just its captivating brilliance but also its undeniable resilience. In the face-off against time and its accompanying wear and tear, moissanite emerges not just unscathed but triumphant. For those contemplating an investment in a piece that's both stunning and enduring, moissanite undoubtedly makes a compelling case.


  1. Is moissanite resistant to scratches?

    • Yes, moissanite, with its 9.25 rating on the Mohs scale, is highly resistant to scratches.
  2. How often should I clean my moissanite jewelry?

    • While it largely depends on wear frequency, a monthly gentle cleaning is recommended to maintain its sparkle.
  3. Can I wear moissanite jewelry while swimming?

    • Moissanite can handle chlorinated water, but it's always safer to remove jewelry to prevent potential physical damage.
  4. How does moissanite fare against direct sunlight?

    • Prolonged exposure to sunlight doesn't discolor or harm moissanite, thanks to its chemical composition.
  5. Will moissanite lose its shine after a few years?

    • Moissanite is built to last and, with proper care, will retain its brilliance for lifetimes.


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