All Jewelry Can Be Customized At Luxus Moissanite

Unveiling Customized Excellence with Luxus Moissanite Jewelry

At Luxus Moissanite, we believe in the art of personalization. When you choose us, you’re not just getting jewelry; you're crafting an embodiment of your unique taste and elegance.

Transformative Gold Options for Distinctive Tastes

Selecting the Gold Type Just for You

The gold you choose sets the base for your moissanite masterpiece. From classic yellow gold to sophisticated white or the romantic allure of rose gold, our selection caters to every individual's preference.

Experiment with Gold Colors

Sometimes, a subtle shift in shade makes all the difference. By altering gold colors, we offer an added layer of customization ensuring that every piece is an accurate reflection of its owner.

Carat Size: Making Every Stone Count

While a large carat size is often coveted, the right carat size is what truly matters. Whether you desire a statement piece or a delicate charm, at Luxus Moissanite, we ensure every stone size is available for your choosing.

Diverse Stone Cuts: A Spectrum of Brilliance

Every stone cut tells a story. From the timeless round cut to the regal emerald or the modern cushion cut, our artisans are adept at chiseling out your chosen tale of sparkle.

Engravings: Etching Personal Tales

Turning Jewelry into Timeless Memoirs

With our intricate engravings, we immortalize your memories. A date, a name, or a special phrase, we ensure your jewelry narrates your personal story.

Modifying Existing Designs: The Art of Addition and Subtraction

Added Parts for Amplified Elegance

Desire a halo for your solitaire? Or an additional band to complement your ring? At Luxus Moissanite, additions are seamless, transforming your jewelry piece into a marvel.

The Grace of Minimalism

If subtraction is your style, we're here for it. Removing parts to enhance aesthetics or comfort, our craftsmen guarantee your vision is realized to perfection.

Tailor-Made Designs: Your Imagination, Our Blueprint

Send us a picture of the ring you've envisioned, dictate the changes, and watch it come to life. Our team thrives on challenges and takes pride in crafting jewelry that's uniquely yours, all while ensuring cost-efficiency.

Cost-Effective Customizations: Luxury within Reach

Why should bespoke jewelry be exorbitant? With Luxus Moissanite, experience the opulence of tailored jewelry without the extravagant price tags. Quality, elegance, and affordability are the tenets we swear by.

Why Luxus Moissanite Stands Out in Customization

Our commitment to realizing your jewelry dreams, coupled with unparalleled craftsmanship and competitive pricing, places Luxus Moissanite at the pinnacle of personalized jewelry.


At Luxus Moissanite, we transcend traditional jewelry norms, crafting pieces that aren't just worn but lived. Every ring, necklace, or bracelet is a testament to our dedication to detail and your vision. Dive into the world of bespoke luxury with us and redefine elegance on your terms.


  1. Can I alter the gold color of a pre-existing design?

    • Absolutely! We provide the flexibility to change gold colors as per your preference.
  2. How detailed can the engravings be?

    • Our skilled artisans can etch intricate designs or phrases, making your jewelry truly personal.
  3. Do you offer consultations for custom designs?

    • Yes, our team is always ready to assist and guide you in realizing your unique jewelry vision.
  4. Is there a limit to how many parts can be added or removed?

    • We aim to be as accommodating as possible, ensuring the final product aligns with your envisioned design.
  5. How do Luxus Moissanite's prices compare with competitors for custom pieces?

    • We pride ourselves on offering exceptional quality at competitive prices, ensuring luxury is accessible to all.


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